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Buying and selling

We assist in the buying and selling of ships. In Norway and internationally.
We provide help throughout the whole sales process.

Building a new ship

We assist and provide councel when contracting a new ship.


Valuation of vessels, consessions, and whole shipping companies. We have several fixed contracts for shipping companies and financial institutions.

About Atlas Shipbrokers AS

Long experience within ship brokerage

We have our office in Kristiansund. A city with long fishing and shipping traditions. Today we have almost 40 years of experience in ship brokering, and we offer all services in the purchase and sale of ships. We are specialized in seagoing fishing vessels, wellboats and service boats for the aquaculture industry. Atlas Shipbrokers as was started as the brokerage company Atlas Shipping as in 1982 by brothers Nils R. and Kai Erik Blakstad. Continued from 2002 as Atlas Shipbrokers as. The company has sold all types of vessels, to shipping companies throughout Norway, Scandinavia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Chile, Canada and Russia. Shipbuilding is a matter of trust. If you choose to give us your assignment, we will work for your interests when you want to sell vessels or vessels and rights, according to high ethical standards and business practices. There is no typical trade. Each buying, selling and contracting process is different. From a process start, a large number of phones, emails, contract proposals and negotiations remain before the trade is completed. With us as a broker you are safe, both as a buyer and a seller. We coordinate bids and countermeasures. We arrange for fixed agreements on price, form of settlement, delivery time and responsibility for the buyer and seller. We arrange inspections, make sure all papers are in order, and draw up contracts between the parties. On the whole - we keep the threads from the process from start to finish. We are a member of the Norwegian Ship Broker Association. Of course, all information we receive is treated confidentially. MEMBER NORWEGIAN SHIPBROKERS ASSOCIATION


Our shipbrokers

Frank Brandstad
Frank Brandstad
Shipbroker -Phone: +47 915 76 060
Frank has been working as a real estate broker and developer within private and commercial estates since 1992. His formal education is within the fields of business economics and real estate brokerage. He now works as a shipbroker with the goal of providing our customers with the best service, satisfaction and wanted result.
Nils R. Blakstad
Nils R. Blakstad
Shipbroker – Phone: +47 915 76 060
Nils has since 1982 been working with ship brokerage with mainly norwegian built fishing wessels and wellboats for national and international clients. His formal education is within the field of business economics.

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