Aas Provider

Type: Service vessel for the salmon farming industry
Are of use : Delicing salmon

Buildt: 2000, refitted in 2017
Builder: Torgem Shipyard, Turkey
Length: 41,38 meters. Width: 9,0 meters. Depth: 4,39 meters.
Engines: 2 x Guascor à 650BHP
Service speed: Approx. 12,5 knots
Navigational equipment: All necessary equipment for type and class
Notes:This vessel appears renovated with new electrical systems and all necessary quipment. The ship is quipped with a Flatsetsund FLS 150 water spray based delicingsystem, which is gentle when treating/delicing the fish. There are 3×50 tonnes lines on the vessel today, so a total of 150 tonnes can be treated per hour. Normal capacity for gentle treatment will be between 80 – 120 tonnes per hour. Everything is, according to seller, done to accommodate increasing the lines to a total of 6. On increase to 4 lines (maximum 200 tonnes), it will not be necessary to install an extra generator. The new electrical board has room for a total of 6 lines aboard. Drawings and specifications for extensions comes with this purchase. The vessel is also optimized for delivering fish to a new ring, without disassembling the neighbouring ring. The vessen also has a very short wash time, due to all pipes and pumpes being below dekk. According to seller there’s a very short rigging and startup time, since the pumps are below the waterline, and the FLS-system kan be started right away.

The vessel contains cabins, washroom, shop, cantine, living room, big wardwobes, toilets etc. Most of these have been upgraded in later years.

Price: MNOK 36,0 – open for bids